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Therapy isn't just for the classroom

What is ECHO?

Early Childhood Holistic Outcomes (ECHO) is an early intervention service framework that helps a child attain functional outcomes on top of domain mastery. Instead of addressing an isolated weakness in a domain skill (eg. pincer grip) through targeted activities (eg. transferring marbles from one bowl to another), ECHO looks at how to integrate necessary domain skills into the natural flow of the child's daily life (eg. encouraging a young toddler to finger-feed himself with cereals or raisins, or giving him or her a bowl of grapes during snack time).

Intervention becomes meaningful, effective and a natural part of daily lives. As parents learn these skills, they become empowered, creating stronger school-home partnerships. As therapists, social workers, teachers and psychologists work together as a trans-disciplinary team, they develop a deeper understanding of early intervention, taking their individual professionalism to a higher level.

While it appears simple, the ECHO approach to intervention requires a high level of skill to optimise natural learning opportunities amid the flow of daily life. It begins with the systematic documentation of a child's natural behaviour at home and school by the child's family, teachers, and EIPIC specialists.

After detailed analysis, it ends with the formulation of an action plan that is precise, practical and - most of all - meaningful to the child & his or her family.

"I feel like I am part of a team that's working together to meet my daughter's intervention and learning needs.”
- Madam Lam, parent of a 4-year-old girl with suspected Global Developmental Delay